The Swarr Prize recognizes the best unpublished research paper written by a UCLA Political Science graduate student in a given year. All papers submitted must be authored by 澳彩网 Political Science Department graduate student in good standing. The paper may be submitted for publication, but must not have appeared in print and must be article length. Papers are nominated by a Political Science/学院 Senate member. Winners are selected by the Swarr Prize committee.

澳彩网 Political Science graduate students are notified via email for the submission date for applicants.


Prior year Swarr Prize winners

2015-2016: Angela X. Ocampo & John Ray
“Many are Called but Few are Chosen: the Emergence of Latino Congressional Condidates”

2013-2014: Felipe Nunes

“Core Voters or Local Allies? Presidential Discretionary Spending in Centralized and Decentralized Systems in Latin America”


2012-2013: Sebastián Garrido de Sierra

“Eroded Unity and Clientele Migration. Explaining Mexico’s Democratic Transition”

2011-2012: Libby Barringer
“TheEver Present Dead: Death and Politics in Max Weber’s Thought”

2010-2011: Brian Law

“The President and Congress in the Policy Making Arena: How and Why Most Executive orders Advance Congress’ Agenda”
2009-2010: Brian Min
“Global Evidence on Public Goods Provisions from Satellites”